Sunday, December 21, 2014

Unaccustomed territory

This post has little to do about teaching - and is associated more with the "other matters" part of the title for this blog.

College basketball, especially mid-major college basketball is something I enjoy quite a bit. (I suppose at times, it could be argued that it becomes an obsession of mine during the winter months). In many ways, it has served as a bond for my daughter and I. We have both liked rooting for the UConn programs over the years and when she chose to attend UConn for her college education, it cemented her bond with the basketball program.

I attended the University of Albany for both undergraduate and graduate school for my training as a meteorologist. Back in those days, they were a strong Division III program which helped fuel my attachment to mid-major basketball. They have remained one of "my teams" as only college teams can be throughout.

Yesterday, for the first time in my memory since we had been following college basketball together, UAlbany beat a common opponent that UConn had lost to. (Yale - a solid Ivy league team this year). In addition, my daughter happened to be in town for some pre-holiday celebrating so I got to share the news of UAlbany's win and the "UAlbany must be better than UConn this year since we beat Yale at Yale and you lost to them at Storrs" joshing that goes along with being fans of disparate teams. Of course, UConn, the defending national champ from last year, is head and shoulders better than UAlbany but it was fun to go back and forth for awhile and rekindle the bonds we share with college basketball and the differences we have for the type of teams we root for most.

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