Saturday, December 13, 2014


My intention when starting this blog a few years ago was to post something at least every week, hopefully 2-3 times per week that touched on aspects of teaching but also other items and topics that interested me. As one can see by the lack of posts in the archive section, that is not nearly how things have turned out - so far.

I think it is good for the soul to write but often felt that I did not have enough important things to say and would wait until I did. That type of procrastination is not productive - at least as far as contributing to a blog is concerned. So I have decided to dial back on my expectations and definitions on what is important enough to write about and simply attempt to write as frequently and cogently as is possible.

The posts will likely be shorter, not solely related to teaching but should be more frequent and hopefully not too rambling. I am grateful to anyone who actually reads any of these posts - so thank you in advance.

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