Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nine years

Teaching is an interesting profession. Tuesday I completed my ninth year of teaching 7th grade mathematics and in many ways, it was the most challenging year I have experienced in my teaching career. When I worked as a meteorologist for the same length of time, that was not the case at all.

I find summer a welcome and necessary time to assess what changes I implemented during the year went well, what did not, what needs to be scrapped, what needs to be altered and what new things to consider for next year. The difficulty in doing this is to know how to assess why things truly went awry. Did they go awry because of my implementation or because the synergy of the class that particular year just would not allow things to work well. And what percent combinations of these factors existed? I find that this self-reflection process can lead to more zig-zagging than is useful at times. I guess this is where my experience teaching comes into play - to eliminate too much zig-zagging.

I read somewhere, I think in a blog post but I do not remember where so I apologize that there is no attribution, that if the experience of teaching becomes easier each year, you are doing it wrong. I guess I should take some solace in that.

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