Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Ahead....Fall back

Even though it is not really Spring yet. (The deep snow cover and tall snow banks in shaded areas emphasize the point this year).

Despite the "extra hour" of daylight that Daylight Savings Time provides, I have never been a fan. Maybe it is because I am an early riser. I prefer to wake up shortly before or after sunrise rather than when it is dark. When the initiation time for DST was pushed ahead/delayed by 4-5 weeks a few years ago, it surprised me that people that live on the western half of the time zones, particularly in the Eastern Time Zone, did not complain very loudly. Elementary children must be waiting for school buses when it is still dark well into late April/early May in those areas.

And we do not really gain an extra hour of sunlight - we just mess with the clocks. Mark me down as one who would prefer to keep it in Standard Time all year 'round.