Saturday, January 26, 2013

Further preparations

The seventh grade students at MSMS will be getting their IPads on Thursday, the 31st. It is quite an exciting time. In preparation for changes in workflow that I would like to implement, this past week rather than hand out assignments, I started putting their assignments in a shared class folder in PDF format. This hopefully will get them used to the process of accessing their assignments online rather than being handed a paper copy.

Also, I created an individual shared folder for each student and sent them an e-mail link for that folder on Monday. It is my plan that this folder will be the location where they will put their completed work. A couple of students have already mastered the process but it seems that for the vast majority of my students, they are content to continue to access the assignments from our class web site.

Next week, when all students have the IPad and we are using them during class, I can have all of them access a PDF file from the shared class folder, open it in Notability and work on it, save the file and download it to their individual shared work folder on Google Drive. I can see from their reticence to use the shared class folder, that there will be some bumps in the road to these workflow changes.

I look forward to learning with my students how best to weave the IPad into our daily class work to improve our workflow and our mathematics learning.

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