Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day 2013

More than 140 characters so a short post will have to do......

I have never been one for resolutions and the like at this time of year which means there will not be any lists. But I would like to state how happy I am with my decision to join Twitter this summer. I was not sure exactly what to expect and even as my experience with the medium evolves, thanks are in order. There are so many excellent educators and fine people out there willing to share some of their craft, ideas, and just as importantly, their compassion and sense of humor. The exposure to that sharing has improved my teaching and coping skills. To those I follow, thanks very much.

If you are reading this, my hope for you is to have as Healthy and as Happy a New Year as is possible!


  1. Frank,
    My sentiments exactly. (Except that I joined in Feb and decided to post all that's changed... Knowing I didn't capture it all.) Stellar, isn't it? Enjoy your 2013!!!