Sunday, December 2, 2012

Reflection App vs Apple TV

I have mentioned in a previous post how pleased I was with the use of the Smart Notebook Ipad app and the Reflection mirroring software. This week, I wanted to try using the Apple TV mirroring software via Airplay as a comparison for the mirroring of my Notebook lessons.

I used the Apple TV mirroring software exclusively in my class for the past three days. Independent of the other great features that Apple TV comes with, the experience I had with the mirroring of my Ipad was quite positive. The wireless connection when using Reflection often drops out, about once per day or so, which is tolerable as long as the connection can be quickly restored, but is annoying. I had no loss of wireless connectivity for the three day period when using Apple TV.

The Notebook Ipad app worked just as well with the Apple TV. There were a couple of instances where something that I wrote on the Ipad did not show up on the mirrored image but after erasing it and starting over, it appeared. I am not sure if it was the Notebook app or the communication with the Apple TV. It was a very minor glitch.

In addition, I happily discovered that if you run something on the Ipad that has audio associated with it while it is mirrored with Apple TV, the audio runs through the speakers of the device you are mirroring to, not the IPad speakers. Quite a nice feature.

The Airplay software with the Apple TV, has the ability to issue temporary passwords for screen sharing with other IPad users without affecting the primary password. This will be quite useful when having students show their work to the class. The Reflection app does not currently have this ability which means you would have to share the primary password with any student for their work to be displayed.

The last positive feature. The Reflection app requires a laptop to be the middle man in the mirroring process. (Ipad to laptop to projector). Using Apple TV, does not require this, so your laptop is free to be used for other tasks.

If you are lucky to have access to both mirroring applications, my suggestion is to use Apple TV for Ipad mirroring.


  1. Thanks, Frank.
    We don't have Apple TVs, but I love the fact that the audio comes out of it. I've been using the Reflection app, and the kids think it's great fun! Get this - they enjoy the lag time and the times it shakes like crazy! Hah! They also enjoy having two or more projected at one time, which was more of a distraction at first, but we're "over it" now.

    This was good for me to know - thanks again!

    1. The audio from the projectors speakers was a surprise and a great feature. I have used the Reflection app with great success also. We are likely going 1:1 in February so it is important for me to try as much of this out first. I think it is funny that your students like when the screen shakes. Middle schoolers at their best!