Monday, December 31, 2012

Classroom Worklflow Preparations

It appears fairly certain that the middle school where I teach will be shifting to a 1:1 Ipad environment in early February, 2013. To take as much advantage as I can of the potential of the new devices, this shift requires some rethinking of how my classroom workflow will be organized.

Currently all homework is accessible via our class website and if the assignment is not via a Google Form, a paper copy of the assignment is distributed. Going forward, I plan to place any non-Form assignments in PDF format in a shared Google Drive folder with view only permissions. This will allow for the ability to annotate/do the assignment using the Notability Ipad app and then send it to me via a shared student folder on Google Drive. The Ipads will not be going home with the students so those that do not have access to the Notability app from home will likely still have to hand in a paper copy of their work, (until a suitable "PDF annotation in-a-PC environment" solution can be determined). Any Google Forms homework will continue to be accessed though our class website.

I am currently planning on having my students use Evernote and/or Skitch for their class notebooks. I tested the feasibility of this method during the holiday break and it seems promising. I was happy with the seamless connection between the Skitch and Evernote apps and how easy it was to put any work created in Skitch in a specific Evernote notebook. The ability to draw in Skitch will help with any work/notes that require diagrams or symbols that would be hard to type. I plan to use the Show Me app or the Explain Everything app in the place of individual student whiteboards. Apple TV or the Reflector app will be used to mirror and display this student work to the entire class in near-real time.

I know it is impossible to anticipate everything that can be improved, from a workflow standpoint, with the IPads but hopefully this will be a reasonably manageable and productive change. Am I missing anything?

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