Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tough month for continuity

In some ways, November is my least favorite month to teach. With Halloween just having ended, Election Day, Veteran's Day, Parent Conference Day, and Thanksgiving break, the schedule becomes very fractured. At the same time, the mathematics becomes more challenging. This is not the best of combinations.

I find that the month of November is when a teacher gets a feel for how difficult it will be for the rest of the year in each class. It takes a good deal of effort to keep things together and the class cohesive during this time. And even with the best of efforts, results are often mixed or worse.

For now, three of my four classes seem like they will hold together pretty well. For that I am grateful. However, it makes my frustration level with the other class even higher. This is where I need to really focus on the positive parts of the job and the fact that 75% of my classes feel as they are going well. If I can do this, it will give me a better chance of getting over mu frustrations and successfully improving things in the class not working as well.

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