Sunday, September 2, 2012

Almost Here

It is Sunday evening and classes for me start Tuesday. Hard to believe that this will be my eighth year of teaching. For any newer teachers out there reading this, while the daily routines involved with teaching fortunately become easier, the job itself remains a constant challenge. And while I may not admit this by Spring, I think that challenge is one of the things I enjoy most about the profession. There so many different ways my students keep me on my toes. And with my own children chronologically grown up, (do they ever really grow up?), teaching and interacting with middle school students keeps me feeling relevant.

Each group of students is different and brings their unique spirit and set of challenges to you every day. Sure, there are similarities in behaviors that many display, but every year so far, they have manifested themselves in different and interesting ways. And there are always at least 10 of my students that approach math problems differently than I have encountered before. I learn so much from my students different perspectives and questions.

So the nervous and excited anticipation builds with little in the way of sleep likely for the next couple of nights. I do miss the days of forecasting the weather, (a meteorologist will always have the weather bug in him/her I guess), but the adventures and interactions that I know I will have with my students this year is no match for that. Bring it on kids, I am ready for another year.

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